Sony adds new feature to PlayStation 5 that Xbox had since YEARS

    Sony adds the support for 1440p output as well as making Games folder on the PlayStation 5 console. Here is all you need to know.
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    | Updated on: Jul 29 2022, 15:28 IST
    Sony PlayStation 5: In pics
    Sony PS5 costs 49,990 for the regular, disk version and comes with one DualSense controller.
    1/7 Sony PS5 costs 49,990 for the regular, disk version and comes with one DualSense controller. (Robin Sinha/HT Tech)
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    2/7 It features an 8-core Zen 2 CPU with 3.5GHz and SMT. (Robin Sinha/HT Tech)
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    3/7 The centre spine has a glossy finish and the fan grilles are exposed towards the top. (Robin Sinha/HT Tech)
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    4/7 PS5 has three USB-A ports, one USB-C port, an Ethernet port and 802.11ax Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 6),  (Robin Sinha/HT Tech)
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    5/7 PS5 series also has a ‘Digital’ edition that misses out on the physical disk reader. (Robin Sinha/HT Tech)
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    6/7 Sony PS5 UI. (Robin Sinha/HT Tech)
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    7/7 Sony PS5 DualSense Controller. (Robin Sinha/HT Tech)
    Sony PS5 is getting native support for 1440p resolution. 
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    Sony PS5 is getting native support for 1440p resolution.  (Sony)

    The current generation of gaming consoles has seen Microsoft take a huge lead with its Xbox ecosystem. Be it the raw power or the Xbox Game Pass subscription, Microsoft has had the edge over the Sony PlayStation models. However, Sony is working to catch up with the Xbox features and in one of the newest updates, it adding two features that will make it better for players. One of them has to do with the resolution output that could make a lot of difference for those with 2K resolution monitors.

    As part of the newest beta firmware, the Sony PlayStation 5 console will now be able to do an output resolution of 1440p. So far, the PlayStation was able to output the display at 4K resolution, 1080p and 720p resolutions as well. It lacked the 2160p resolution though. Not that it made a great deal for PS5 players given that most of them use a 4K TV to play their games. It was just that the Xbox universe had the ability to do a 1440p output since the days of the Xbox One X console.

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    Sony PS5 gets new features with latest update

    With the 1440p option set, games that can run internally at 1440p will now be able to run natively whereas the titles having a 4K output will be downscaled to 1440p.

    The arrival of the 1440p support just as Sony announced its range of gaming monitors that have a 1440p display. Prior to this, Sony had added the option to have VRR on the PS5 and it was done just after Sony's latest TVs got the support for the same.

    On the other hand, Sony also added the “Gamelists” feature that is essentially a folder for your installed games on the system. Hence, you will be able to now classify your games better in separate folders. Sony says you can have up to 100 games in a single folder and you can have a total of up to 15 Gamelists.

    Sony also adds the ability to check in-game progress activities. “When resuming a game, in-progress activities are often shown prominently at the top of the game hub to make it as easy and as fast as possible to get back to where you left off,” says Sony. Do not confuse it with Quick Resume feature you see on Xbox consoles.


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    First Published Date: 29 Jul, 15:28 IST
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