PS4 is going nowhere once PS5 launches in India, says head of Sony Playstation business

Prosenjit Ghosh, Head of PlayStation Business, Sony India talks about PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro once PS5 reaches Indian shelves. He also talks about 200%+ growth in peripheral sales in the past few months.

Prosenjit Ghosh, Head of PlayStation Business, Sony India
Prosenjit Ghosh, Head of PlayStation Business, Sony India (HT Tech)

There has been a lot of hype around Sony’s new gaming console, the PlayStation 5 or PS5. We have already seen how it looks, how its DualSense controllers look, what all titles are coming and other accessories as well. Although the console will be arriving by the end of this year, things are still not clear when the product will be coming to India. What’s even more doubtful is the fate of PS4 in the country when the new PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition hit the shelves. 

We got hold of Prosenjit Ghosh, Head of PlayStation Business, Sony India to talk about what happens to PlayStation 4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro and how the company performed in the past couple of months, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Talking about PS4’s performance during Covid-19, Ghosh said that their console sales doubled in Q1 FY20 (Apr-Jun 2020) vs Q4 FY19 (Jan-Mar 2019). There was a 200%+ growth for peripheral sales as well. “May-Jun, 2020 (the 2 operational months this year) have seen phenomenal success with console sales doubling vis-a-vis same period last year. There has been an outstanding 200%+ growth in peripheral sales as well, which indicates an attitudinal shift, making gaming a more inclusive family entertainment option in India,” he said to HT Tech.

Sony PS5 family
Sony PS5 family (Sony)

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He added that the arrival of PS5 didn’t impact the sales of PS4 consoles in India in a major way. Instead, the firm witnessed the highest ever sales and surpassed growth records that were registered over the past few years, in the past two months - May and June 2020.

And when asked if the PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro consoles will be discontinued in India after the arrival of PS5, Ghosh said that company has no such plans to do that since they are still seeing increasing business volumes around these consoles.

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“Keeping the current rapidly increasing business volumes or enthusiasm around PS4 (including some of the finest games of this generation being released now), there is no reason to make such a move,” added Ghosh.

So, incase you are planning to get your hands on the PS4 console after PS5 arrives, there might not be an issue with the stock. We are yet to see by how much does the price of PS4 consoles go down after PS5 reaches India.

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