GIGANTIC 210-foot asteroid rushing towards Earth today, says NASA

A gigantic 210-foot asteroid named 2013 YA14 is rushing towards Earth today, at a ferocious speed. NASA informs about its speed, distance to Earth and more.

| Updated on: Dec 25 2022, 16:52 IST
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A massive asteroid 2013 YA14 is rushing at great speed towards Earth. (Pixabay)

When the entire world is busy celebrating the occasion of Christmas, NASA has alerted about 5 gigantic asteroids that are rushing towards Earth at a mind numbing speed. Every day, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory releases a list of asteroids that are nearing Earth, their size, speed and their chances of posing a threat to humanity and Earth. These asteroids are sometimes very small while sometimes so large that they can even wipe out a quarter of the globe. Out of the 5 humongous asteroids nearing our planet today, one is as large as 210 foot.

210-foot Asteroid 2013 YA14

The 210-foot asteroid named 2013 YA14 will be making its closest Earth approach today, December 25 at a distance of 1030000 kilometers. According to the information provided by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The airplane-sized asteroid is also moving at a mind-numbing speed of 37692 kilometer per hour (10.47km/sec).

Though the asteroid is not posing any threat to planet Earth and will simply pass by it, it is very important to keep an eye on the movement of these massive asteroids. If an enormous asteroid strikes or crashes on Earth, it could be very destructive for a huge part of the region it impacts and its effects can even be felt worldwide.

Apart from the 2013 YA14, four other asteroids that are nearing planet Earth today are 400-Foot 2022 TE14, 160-foot 2022 YL1, 70-foot 2022 YY1, and 17-foot 2022 YK3. Notably, all these asteroids will pass by the planet without posing any threat. In order to track the movement of the asteroids, NASA has deployed several Earth and Sky-based technologies like telescopes, satellites, and more in space.

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First Published Date: 25 Dec, 16:51 IST