Google Assistant’s driving mode may finally see the light of day

Google Assistant’s driving mode offers redesigned dashboard with personalised suggestions for navigation, messaging, calling and media. Here is what you need to know about one of the long-awaited features of Google Assistant.

Android phones to soon get an Assistant-powered driving mode
Android phones to soon get an Assistant-powered driving mode (Pixabay)

Google had showcased an Assistant driving mode for smartphones last year. Evidently, the feature has not released for Google Assistant users yet. With 2020 almost nearing its end, the Assistant driving mode may finally see the light of day.

XDA Developers reports Google has partially enabled the Assistant driving mode for some Android users. The interface of the feature is remarkably different from the one showcased at Google developer conference last year. The purpose, however, remains the same – allowing you to chat, message, and play music without getting distracted from driving.

Engadget points out that the feature might be part of a test with select users. It also said that the roll-out appears to be server-side. It is worth noting that the availability of the feature is not related to any specific version of Google apps and is compatible with a variety of phones.

What is Google Assistant’s driver mode?

Google Assistant’s upcoming driving mode allows you to access key functionalities using voice commands. Users can activate the driving mode by just saying “Hey Google, let’s drive.” One enabled, the Assistant shows a new dashboard with shortcuts to most relevant functions. It also shows the most used contacts. There is also a set of recommendations for music or podcasts while you drive.

The driving mode on Google Assistant also aims to deliver a completely hands-free experience. It means you can interact using voice commands. For instance, Assistant gives you contextual information when you get a call or text comes in. Google’s new feature also aims to possibly use Assistant for controlling cars remotely.

The driving mode appears to be inspired by other driving modes. For instance, Samsung offers an S Bike, a built-in feature that is designed especially for two-wheeler motorists to help manage communications while focusing on driving.