How to delete a page in Google Docs? Know the easiest tricks

To delete a page from Google Docs, the quickest method involves selecting the text and pressing the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard. Know all the tricks.

| Updated on: Aug 11 2023, 21:03 IST
Big Google I/O 2023 launches REVEALED! Android 14, Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold and more
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1/5 Google Pixel 7a - Google will also unveil its latest Pixel smartphone – Google Pixel 7a. The successor to last year’s Pixel 6a is expected to feature a 6.1-inch OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate, as per the reports. It could also get the new Google Tensor G2 chipset that we saw for the first time with the Google Pixel 7 series. (Google India/Twitter)
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2/5 Android 14 - Google is expected to reveal its upcoming Android 14 mobile operating system, which is named Upside Down Cake according to reports. Beta previews of Android 14 have already been rolled out for some devices. Based on leaks and reports, Android 14 will not be a major update and will only bring incremental improvements and changes to the existing framework. (Google)
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3/5 Google Pixel Fold – After months of anticipation, Google has finally confirmed that Google Pixel Fold is coming this year. Google's first foldable smartphone could pack tech like a 7.69-inch inner display, a 5.79-inch outer display and the Tensor G2 chipset under the hood. (Google)
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4/5 AI tools for Workspace - Google’s official website says, “What's new in generative AI?". Therefore, it could be likely that Google introduces AI tools to keep up with the trends. Google Docs, Gmail and Slides could all see AI being integrated. (Unsplash)
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5/5 Other rumoured launches - Google could also announce a new “sky-blue” colour of the Pixel Buds A Series which debuted last year. The company could also reveal new Nest products although it is unlikely as there has been very little information about any upcoming Google Nest products. Moreover, the tech giant could also give us a sneak peek at the Google Pixel tablet. (WinFuture)
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If you use Google Docs in the mobile app, then you can face difficulties in deleting a page due to its limited functionalities. (Google)

Do you get annoyed while working on Google Docs because of extra pages that you can't delete? Sometimes, there can be a few minor problems with your device or net connectivity or the app that can make it do unexpected things such as stopping you from doing basic tasks like getting rid of blank pages. To remove a page from Docs, the quickest method involves selecting the text and pressing the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard. However, if a page doesn't contain text and can't be deleted, it might have a page break. These are lines you insert to start a new page.

Another approach is adjusting line spacing and margins. Line spacing controls the room above and below text lines. Unlike the Backspace key, you'd adjust this from the Format menu. Margins, on the other hand, dictate the space between text blocks and document edges. Both of these methods work on the mobile and web versions of Docs, but the web version is recommended for comprehensive editing. The mobile app has more limited capabilities. Given below are some tips to delete extra blank pages on google docs.

Shrinking margins

To delete pages in Google Docs by adjusting margins, you can modify the default one-inch margins on each side of your document. Altering the margin size affects the amount of text on a line; larger margins lead to less text per line. Reducing excessive margin space prevents text from spilling onto new pages, ultimately reducing the page count. This margin adjustment feature is applicable in the pages mode of Docs and can be accessed when using Docs on a computer.

Changing line spacing

To remove pages in Docs using line spacing adjustments, you can modify the gap between text lines or paragraphs. This customization allows you to make the text look more compact or spaced out, depending on your preferences. By minimizing the spacing before and after text, you can achieve a more condensed document layout and potentially reduce the number of pages.

Highlighting text

To remove pages in Google Docs using text highlighting, you can select the text and then either copy, cut, or delete it using keyboard shortcuts. It's important to note that in Docs, content deletion isn't permanent due to its cloud-based nature; you can access version history and retrieve deleted content. When Docs is in a pageless mode, identifying page breaks becomes tricky, so switching to the page view is necessary for clear visibility of page boundaries.

Basic editing

Establishing fundamental editing practices can have a significant impact. Actions like eliminating page breaks, fine-tuning line spacing, and employing text highlighting contribute to fewer pages. Yet, it's often the uncomplicated adjustments that yield remarkable results. Your content might seem extensive, yet much of it is unnecessary. Streamlining your document through editing trims word count and page count alike. Leverage Grammarly within Docs for enhanced writing suggestions and corrections. Constructing an outline prior to writing proves advantageous as well. Outlines offer structure, simplifying the decision-making process of what to include and exclude from your document.

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First Published Date: 11 Aug, 21:03 IST