Mark your calendars: first Supermoon of 2023, the Buck Moon, approaching! | Tech News

Mark your calendars: first Supermoon of 2023, the Buck Moon, approaching!

Get ready for the first supermoon of the year, known as the buck moon, which will rise later this week in July. Here’s when and where to witness the spectacle.

| Updated on: Jul 01 2023, 08:45 IST
Spectacular ultraviolet views of Mars revealed by NASA's MAVEN spacecraft
Supermoon 2023
1/5 Stunning Views of Mars: An ultraviolet image of Mars captured by NASA's MAVEN spacecraft during the southern hemisphere's summer season in July 2022. Argyre Basin, Valles Marineris, and the southern polar ice cap are visible, revealing atmospheric haze, clouds, and shrinking ice. (NASA)
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2/5 An ultraviolet image of Mars taken in January 2023, showcasing the northern hemisphere after Mars had reached the farthest point in its orbit. The image displays white clouds, Valles Marineris, and numerous craters, while ozone buildup (depicted as magenta) during the northern winter can be observed. (NASA)
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3/5 MAVEN's unique vision: Image: NASA's MAVEN spacecraft, launched in November 2013, entered Mars' orbit in September 2014. The mission aims to explore the planet's upper atmosphere, ionosphere, and interactions with the Sun and solar wind, shedding light on atmospheric loss and Mars' climate history. (NASA)
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4/5 Revealing Martian seasons: An explanation of how the changing seasons on Mars influence the planet's appearance in ultraviolet images. The tilt of Mars' rotational axis, similar to Earth's seasons, affects atmospheric phenomena and surface features, such as clouds, haze, and ice caps. (NASA)
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5/5 Unveiling Mars' secrets: Scientists use MAVEN's Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) instrument to capture ultraviolet images of Mars. The IUVS measures wavelengths outside the visible spectrum, rendering them visible by assigning brightness levels to different ultraviolet ranges. This colorization technique highlights ozone, clouds, haze, and surface details. (NASA)
Supermoon 2023
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Mesmerising Buck Moon: A supermoon shining bright in the sky. Representative image. (AP)

This week, get ready to witness July's full moon, also known as the buck moon. It's the first supermoon of the year, which means the moon will look a bit larger and brighter than usual.

The best time to view the buck moon is during its rise in the southeastern sky on the evening before July 3. It will also be bright and full on the nights of July 2 and 4, appearing in the constellation Sagittarius.

The buck moon is named after male deer, also called bucks, because this is the time when their antlers grow. Interestingly, it's also known by other names like Thunder Moon, Hay Moon, Salmon Moon, and Raspberry Moon.

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So, what makes this moon a supermoon? Well, it will be a little bit closer to Earth than usual. The moon goes around our planet in an oval-shaped path, and sometimes it comes closer to us. When it comes within 90% of its closest point to Earth, we call it a supermoon.

This year, there are four supermoons, and the buck moon is the first and smallest one. The others will be in August and September, with the August 30 full moon being the biggest and brightest. It's even called the Blue Moon because it's the second full moon in that month.

The buck moon is also one of the lowest full moons we see in the Northern Hemisphere. It's like a mirror image of the sun's position during the day. When the sun is high in the sky during the summer, the full moon will be low in the sky at night. But in December, when the sun is low during the day, the full moon will be high at night.

After the buck moon, the next supermoon to look forward to is the Sturgeon Moon on August 1, which will be the second-largest supermoon of the year, but slightly smaller than the Blue Moon in August.

Make sure to mark your calendars and find a good spot to enjoy the breathtaking view of the buck moon, the first supermoon of 2023.

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First Published Date: 01 Jul, 08:44 IST