Parking your Car and Bike? Stop! Check this Google Maps trick first

If you’re parking your vehicle, be it car, bike or EV, in a new location and do not want to forget the spot, then you should use this Google Maps trick. Never lose your location again with these easy steps.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 13:41 IST
Google Maps
Do not park your electric vehicle without knowing this Google Maps trick first. (Pixabay)
Google Maps
Do not park your electric vehicle without knowing this Google Maps trick first. (Pixabay)

Be it a car, motorbike or an electric vehicle (EV), going on long drives are always fun. Especially as the Monsoon has struck, it created the perfect weather for long drives. However, with long drives comes the risk of parking your vehicle in new spots, which can give rise to the problem of forgetting your parking spot and running around to find out where exactly you parked the vehicle. The problem can get even worse if you park the vehicle in a crowded area. But this should not scare you from going on long drives and exploring new places because there is a Google Maps trick which can remember the parking spot on your behalf. Read on to know how to use this feature.

Google Maps trick can help remember your vehicle parking spot

No matter which vehicle you use, remembering the parking spot, especially in a complex area can become a hassle. This stands true for even the locations you do know well like the office parking area or the college parking lot. With multiple vehicles parked all around, many of the same color and build as your own vehicle, it becomes a game of finding a needle in a haystack. And this is why you need to know about this Google Maps feature so you never have to worry about losing your parking spot again.

Google Maps offers a way for you to pin the parking spot and save it so whenever you want to leave the location, you can just search for the spot and it will directly take you to your vehicle. Google Maps claims that it can narrow any location down to 20 meters, it means that you only need to take a few steps before you can find your car or motorbike and just get out of there without a hassle. So, if you want to learn this trick too, just check below.

How to save your parking spot on Google Maps

Step 1:

First, open Google maps after parking your vehicle. 

Step 2:

Click on the blue spot in the map which shows your own location.

Step 3:

On the bottom, you will see multiple options pop up. Select ‘Save Parking’.

Step 4:

That’s it. Whenever you open Google Maps next, you will find a red marker on the spot guiding you to your vehicle. 

Step 5:

You can delete a spot by clicking on the ‘More info’ on the spot and then clicking ‘clear’. 

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First Published Date: 08 Jul, 15:30 IST