YouTube’s ‘Chapters’ to make it easier to watch long videos

The new feature will allow users to move to the part of the video they really want to see.

YouTube to add a new feature soon
YouTube to add a new feature soon (REUTERS)

Google is working on a new way to make it easier for users to watch long videos on YouTube. According to AndroidPolice, the company is testing a new feature called "Chapters." As the name implies, it will allow users to move to the part of the video they really want to see.

With Chapters, YouTube creators will need to add description for different sections for such videos. The labelling features the title of the section and how much a user has watched so far. For instance, you are watching a review, you can quickly skip to the verdict without needing to make a guess based on the thumbnail preview when fast forwarding.

User @podcastage published the screenshot of the new Chapters features. Based on the screenshot, it appears to be a more refined version of the timestamp.

AndroidPolice reported that the feature has started to appear to more users.


YouTube's new feature will come at a time when the streaming services around the world are registering higher traffic than usual due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. The company has already changed the streaming resolution to 480p (SD) to help sustain the telecommunication infrastructure.

Separately, YouTube is making another change to its interface to bring the comments section above on the screen. The updated interface has now started to reach more people. The comments section will now appear as a small window which expands when you tap on it. The comments interface seems very similar to Facebook's.

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