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Highlights: Here are top announcements from Microsoft’s Build 2019 conference

Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Build 2019, kicked off on Monday. At the conference, Microsoft launched new updates to its Azure cloud, Microsoft 365 and other key products and services. The company also launched new software tools to secure elections. Here are top announcements from Microsoft’s Build 2019 conference. ElectionGuard: Microsoft introduced a new initiative that is aimed at making voting secure and transparent through open-source software. The early version of the software tools will be ready to pilot for next year’s general elections in the US. Edge on Chromium: Microsoft has rolled out new features to its Edge browser on Windows 10. Based on Google Chromium, Edge browser now comes with new privacy controls. It also comes integrated with an Internet Explorer mode to help developers using legacy browser-based apps. Blockchain: After partnership with JP Morgan, Microsoft has teamed up with Starbucks to launch Azure-based recommendation system. Customers can also track coffee beans from farm to store through Microsoft’s new Azure Blockchain Service. Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft is now integrating AI in its Microsoft 365 and Office 365 applications and services. The new features include “Ideas in Word for Word Online, which can help you easily design and present polished documents, and Microsoft Search, a new enterprise search experience that applies AI technology from Bing and deep personalized insights surfaced by the Microsoft Graph,” said the company on its website.Here are the highlights

| Updated on: May 06 2019, 20:16 IST
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivers the keynote address at Build, the company's annual conference for software developers Monday, May 6, 2019, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) (AP)
06 May 2019, 10:31 IST

Wrap up

That's all from Satya Nadella's keynote from Microsoft Build 2019 developer conference. Nadella in his keynote focused on privacy, cloud computing and building new smarter solutions for Microsoft end and business users.

06 May 2019, 10:14 IST

Edge updates

Nadella officially announces new updates to Edge browser on Windows 10. Edge browser now also supports Internet Explorer mode. You can read more about the latest update to Edge browser on Windows 10 here.

06 May 2019, 10:06 IST

Rap Battle

A preview of Microsoft's new transcription platform.

06 May 2019, 10:02 IST

Microsoft 365

Here are top updates to Microsoft’s 365 services
Here are top updates to Microsoft’s 365 services (Microsoft)
image caption
Here are top updates to Microsoft’s 365 services (Microsoft)

Microsoft Graph is now coming to all key Microsoft products including Windows, Office, Edge and Teams.

06 May 2019, 09:53 IST

Dynamic 365

Microsoft looks to tap the growing community of business app developers with its Dynamic 365 & Power platform.

06 May 2019, 09:43 IST

Azure Speech service

Microsoft showcases an improved speech recognition technology which is capable of understanding local accents and other complex technicalities. The new technology can deliver real-time speech to text. The service is available as preview.

06 May 2019, 09:40 IST

Artificial Intelligence 2.0

As expected, Microsoft continues its work on AI. Deeply integrated with Azure services, Microsoft says it is going to focus on building infrastructure, framework, and tooling for developers.

06 May 2019, 09:32 IST


Microsoft is the latest company to join the Blockchain bandwagon. The company has teamed up with JP Morgan to develop Quorum, enterprise version of Ethereum.

06 May 2019, 09:24 IST

Technology and trust

Here’s what next from Microsoft
Here’s what next from Microsoft (Microsoft)
image caption
Here’s what next from Microsoft (Microsoft)

Nadella stresses the need for privacy and responsible AI at the conference. He calls for building robust ecosystem for cyber security.

06 May 2019, 09:21 IST

Satya Nadella takes the stage

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella opens his keynote. He thanks students and young developers from around the world for participating in the conference.

06 May 2019, 09:18 IST

Build 2019 kicks off

Microsoft's annual Build 2019 officially kicks off. The event begins with Microsoft HoloLens, mixed reality platform.

06 May 2019, 09:17 IST

Quantum push

Microsoft has open sourced its Q# programming to push adoption of Quantum Computing. Read more about Microsoft's new Quantum Computing push here.

06 May 2019, 09:14 IST

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft has rolled out first major update to its Edge browser after embracing Google's Chromium open source platform. Read more about the latest update to Edge on Windows here.

06 May 2019, 09:01 IST

Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft has reinvented itself as an Artificial Intelligence company. AI is now deeply integrated within all of its key services including Azure Cloud. Expect Microsoft to announce more and deeper AI integration in its services.

06 May 2019, 08:59 IST

World Championship of Imagine Cup

Winner of 2019 Imagine Cup World Championship is team EasyGlucose. India's Team Caeli is the first runner up.

06 May 2019, 08:57 IST

Event to begin shortly

Satya Nadella will deliver opening keynote shortly. He is expected to talk about privacy, cloud and other new updates from Microsoft.

First Published Date: 06 May, 20:16 IST
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