This face mask will tell you of Covid-19 virus threat!

Now you will be able to detect the Covid-19 virus with a face mask using the LED light of your smartphone. Here’s how.

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 22:31 IST
Japanese scientists have developed a face mask that can detect the Covid-19 virus using Ostrich cells. (Representative Image)
Japanese scientists have developed a face mask that can detect the Covid-19 virus using Ostrich cells. (Representative Image)

Yes, this has actually come to pass! Japanese scientists have developed a groundbreaking face mask that can detect the Covid-19 virus using a mouth filter made of ostrich cells. The ostrich cells contain antibodies that bind with coronavirus. Coronavirus is said to be detected in exhaled breath by shining a fluorescent light on the mask, which reveals patches of the virus.

The Covid detection face mask has been developed by a research group led by President Yasuhiro Tsukamoto of Kyoto Prefectural University, The Sun reported. Ostriches can produce a variety of antibodies that neutralise foreign substances in the body. These antibodies are collected from the eggs of ostriches that have been injected with an inactive, non-harmful form of coronavirus.

How does Covid detection face mask work?

You will need to wear the mask like a normal one, and the exhaled particles on the mask will be used to detect the activeness of Covid-19 virus. The result can be determined whether the Covid-19 is present or not by spraying antibodies on a filter from a wearing mask. After that, while keeping the mask under the UV rays, the mask will glow with the fluorescent lights. Researchers claim that a smartphone's LED light can also be employed as a light source, allowing more people to benefit from the technology.

Story behind the groundbreaking research

President Tsukamoto and his team tested 32 Covid-19 patients over the period of 10 days and discovered that the masks they wore glowed under UV light, The Sun reported. The researchers explained that the ostrich antibody for corona placed on the mouth filter of the mask captures the coronavirus in coughing, sneezing, and water. The virus is seen by interacting with light and reacting with a fluorescent dye-labeled ostrich antibody.

Researchers told The Sun that they succeeded in visualising the virus antigen on the ostrich antibody carrying filter even with the use of LED ultraviolet black light of the smartphone as a source of light, which makes it even easier to use at home. The patent for the technology has been filed, though for the commercial inspection kits, people will have to wait a little more. It is expected to be commercial in Japan and overseas by this year itself.

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First Published Date: 13 Dec, 13:43 IST