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    5G is coming soon
    5G to help India unlock Industry 4.0, says Ericsson’s Nitin Bansal
    5G is believed to be a game-changer for Indian users as it will help accelerate adoption of technologies such as Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality.
    In its early years, Bitcoin suffered reputational damage because it was adopted by criminals and used for illicit transactions.
    Many traders and people buying bitcoins from India, says Function X’s David Ben Kay 
    Bitcoin registered its highest valuation this year. Does the surge in valuation make an impact in India?  
    Twitter threaded replies
    Breaking down Twitter’s big bet on gaming, and India’s role
    India ranks eighth on the list of countries that have tweeted about gaming most often in the first half of 2020. We spoke to Twitter’s Head of Gaming Content Partnerships Rishi Chadha to further understand the company’s bet on gaming.
    Lucideus Launches SAFE Me,
    Password-less authentication is the future, says Lucideus’ Saket Modi
    In conversation with Saket Modi, co-founder and CEO at Lucideus, on dark web exposure, password protection, and future of cybersecurity. 
    Paytm First Games gets traction
    After 200% growth in userbase, what’s next for Paytm First Games?
    Paytm First Games recently announced the creation of a 10 crore fund to provide a launchpad to indigenous developers and design studio.
    In focus: Bolo Indya, a popular Indian social networking platform
    Meet Bolo Indya, another homegrown social networking platform that’s gaining traction
    Bolo Indya is one of the homegrown social networking platforms that has gained traction following the ban on TikTok. Here is a detailed overview of the company, how does it differentiate from the rest, and more. 
    Can talking to a robot help the employees?
    Oracle’s Shaakun Khanna on use of tech on HR function, employees’ stress
    According to Khanna, people feel safe while talking to the robots or bots as robots are unbiased, people feel heard without any fear of any malice from the other side.
    India's road to becoming an AI superpower 
    The world has just scratched the surface of AI use, says Intel’s Nivruti Rai
    Can India become an AI superpower? We spoke to Intel’s Nivruti Rai to discuss a variety of aspects of Artificial Intelligence.
    Chingari crosses 51 mins per day in average engagement time
    Chingari records highest engagement time, user base grows to 38 million
    Chingari says it has now the highest engagement time in the short-form video space in India. The app has received 4-5 million downloads per month in the past few months. 
    Working from home, away from home.
    Simple tips for planning a smart Work From Home, away from home
    Exhausted after working from home? How about change in the scenery? Here is how you can smartly plan it.

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