Beyond the 'death line': A shining new ultrabright object found

A new bright stellar object was discovered shining beyond the “death line” and no explanation has been found yet.

| Updated on: Jul 21 2023, 22:21 IST
Ultrabright object discovered! Read to know more. (NASA)
Ultrabright object discovered! Read to know more. (NASA)

An unexplainable ultrabright steller object was found, which is reported to be blazing even beyond death. The object is 15000 light-years away from Earth. Researchers believe that it is a shattered part of a giant star, commonly known as a magnetar.

According to a Live Science report. it is as small as a city and yet the stellar object may have a huge amount of mass, similar to the sun. It has a magnetic field more than a quadrillion times stronger than Earth's.

About stellar object

The rotating magnetar can spin and produce radio waves in unfamiliar patterns that often repeat every few seconds or minutes, as well as emit extremely bright jets of electromagnetic radiation. As the popular theory goes, magnetar this size does not produce high radio waves when the twirling slows down. However, as per Natasha Hurley-Walker, a radio astronomer at Australia's International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) and lead author of a new study, "The object we've discovered is spinning way too slowly to produce radio waves — it's below the death line," and it has been doing so for more than 30 years.

This discovery can contradict various theories and models based on a magnetar. As per Live Science, researchers also studied archives from 1988 and compared theories of the magnetar from half a dozen other radio telescopes around the world. In the oldest dataset, they noticed the same object that had been pulsing at about the same 22-minute interval for 33 years.

As per the study published in the Journal Nature, researchers say that it might not be a magnetar, it can be a white dwarf (a type of stellar remnant). Although the stellar object is also 1000 times brighter than a white dwarf. Resulting in no conclusion about the discovered ultrabright object.

What is Magnetar?

Magnetars aren't powered by a conventional mechanism such as nuclear fusion or rotation, reveals NASA. They represent a new way for a star to shine. Magnetars have magnetic fields a thousand times stronger than ordinary neutron stars.

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First Published Date: 21 Jul, 18:57 IST