JioMeet could steal Zoom's thunder: 5 things you might have missed about this Indian app

Planning to start using JioMeet for your video calls? Here's what you might have missed and need to know before you take the plunge. 

Available across platforms for free, JioMeet is India's latest video calling solution that's taking on Zoom. 
Available across platforms for free, JioMeet is India's latest video calling solution that's taking on Zoom.  (JioMeet)

Reliance’s video conferencing app JioMeet is big news now. Not only is JioMeet Zoom’s latest rival from India, the fact that it is home-grown gives it a significant advantage over other video calling solutions. Especially in the current environment where the Indian government has just banned 59 Chinese apps.

If you plan to use JioMeet, here are 5 things you need to know that you might have missed so far -

1. You can download and use JioMeet across platforms - on iOS, Android, on the web on your browser. You can download and use JioMeet on your Windows laptop, Mac Laptop and there is also an Outlook plugin available. You can head over here to download it and in case you are confused - here’s how you go ahead.

2. The site mentions that JioMeet is ‘Live in Beta Release’ - this means that the video calling app is being tested as you try it out and the company will be fixing all the bugs and issues you might face right now. A stable release will be rolled out soon.

3. The video quality you get on JioMeet depends on the device you are using and the network you are on. If both are good for you then you should be able to get full high definition 720p video quality on your video calls.

4. Currently, all offerings on JioMeet are free. You can get on video calls with about a 100 people for as long as you want for free. Zoom has restrictions on how many people you can call and how long you can talk for free and the best offers are for the paid customers. JioMeet has not announced any paid categories yet.

5. JioMeet has all the features that Zoom has. You can check them out here. Also, as far as the privacy issue is concerned, JioMeet has announced on the site that they are “committed to protect your personal information collected and processed by us”. If users have any feedback or concern regarding protection of their personal information or any privacy-related issue, they can write to