SHOCKING! This dangerous asteroid will be closer to Earth than Moon, says NASA! Will it hit?

NASA: Four asteroids are headed towards the Earth today. One of them, as big as a bus is going to come terrifyingly close to our planet, closer than even the Moon.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 11:26 IST
According to NASA, one asteroid will be flying worryingly close to the Earth, closer than even the Moon!. (Flickr)
According to NASA, one asteroid will be flying worryingly close to the Earth, closer than even the Moon!. (Flickr)

NASA: In a shocking development, it has been revealed that an asteroid will get closer to Earth than even the Moon. NASA has revealed the terrifying truth. In recent times, the incidents of asteroids flying past the Earth have been so frequent that many people are becoming desensitized towards them. But now, there are as many as new four asteroids headed towards Earth and these will ensure a rude awakening for all. Most of the asteroids we have seen in recent times have crossed our planet from a distance of millions of kilometers, reducing the chances of a collision to a minor probability. But all of these four asteroids will zoom past us at a distance less than 400,000 kilometers. And one among them, a bus-sized asteroid will come as close as just 126,000 kilometers. And how far is Moon from Earth? 384,400 km! This is extremely close and the chance of asteroid strike increases exponentially high at this distance. Will the asteroid hit us? Read on to find out.

There are reasons to be worried. Last month, when asteroid 2022 EB5 struck Earth, it was also supposed to make a pass from a similar distance. But due to the powerful gravitational force of the Earth, it got pulled in and smashed into the western coast of Greenland. Now, all of these four asteroids pose a similar threat. And to make matters worse, while 2022 EB5 was just 6-feet wide, these asteroids are all much larger in size.

NASA: Four asteroids to come dangerously close to the Earth

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory by NASA provides more information about these asteroids. The asteroids are named 2022 GN1 which is 30-feet wide, 2022 GZ1 which is 19-feet wide, 2022 GQ1 has an approximate width of 28-feet and 2022 GA2 which is understood to be around 15-feet. Among them, 2022 GN1 is the scariest asteroid which will make a pass from the Earth at a distance of just 126,000 kilometers, one-third the distance between the Earth and the Moon. The other three are also expected to fly past us at a distance of 240,000 kilometers, 222,000 kilometers and 401,000 kilometers respectively. For more information on these asteroids, you can visit NASA's Small Body Database.

Due to high risk probability, the Planetary Defense Coordination Office or PDCO, a NASA department dedicated towards observing and ensuring protection from any space threats, is constantly watching these asteroids and assessing whether any of them can strike the Earth. At present, a hit to Earth is quite unlikely, but things can change at any moment so the American space agency is maintaining vigilance.

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First Published Date: 06 Apr, 11:11 IST