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Speaking Auroras? Sparked by geomagnetic storms, is ancient myth true? Here is the truth

Can auroras actually make a sound? This study tells the truth.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 12:56 IST
Scientists have put the brakes on the long running myth surrounding the auroras. (AFP)

Auroras are the stunning outcome of geomagnetic storms on Earth! These stunning captivating displays of light in the night sky occur at the northern and southern poles with spectacular views of the dancing lights. Well, for centuries, several myths and theories have revolved around them, and one of them is about the speaking auroras! Till now, scientists have dismissed these theories as psycho-acoustic phenomena. But a recent study by researchers at Aalto University in Finland has found something unusual! The study suggests a strong connection between geomagnetic fluctuations and "auroral sounds", a report by Forbes mentioned.

The northern and southern lights are mainly caused by the solar winds in space, basically charged particles from the Sun, which accelerate through the field lines of the Earth's magnetic field. Green lights are created by charged particles hitting oxygen molecules, while the other hues are caused by nitrogen molecules colliding with charged particles. According to the theory, when the conditions are just right, a pocket of heated air roughly 75 metres above the ground could store a trapped static charge that discharges when the air evaporates. Also read: Hubble Telescope captures giant star 32x larger than Sun, but it will die first! Check breathtaking NASA photo

"This cancels the argument that auroral sounds are extremely rare and that the aurora borealis should be exceptionally bright and lively," Unto K. Laine, Professor Emeritus at Aalto University and lead author of the new paper explained. During the study, the researchers recorded four hours of auroral sounds in the west of Helsinki.

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Another researcher explained that using the geomagnetic data, which was measured independently, it's possible to predict when auroral sounds will happen in a particular area. Even these sounds are now more common than previously thought. The researcher explained that someone or other can hear the sounds of auroras, but they assume it as the sound of ice cracking or that the sound was created by some animal! So, it seems like the myth around the sounds of auroras isn't a myth anymore, but a reality!

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First Published Date: 05 Jun, 18:39 IST