NASA shows HORRIFIC heatwave on Earth as humans suffer unbearable conditions

NASA shared a horrifically red world map highlighting the heatwave conditions in Africa, Europe and Asia where temperatures have hit never seen before highs.

| Updated on: Jul 20 2022, 10:32 IST
Earth Map
NASA warns the world of extreme weather caused by greenhouse gases after an Earth map shows heatwave-like conditions all across Africa, Europe and Asia. (NASA)
Earth Map
NASA warns the world of extreme weather caused by greenhouse gases after an Earth map shows heatwave-like conditions all across Africa, Europe and Asia. (NASA)

The Earth is suffering from the wrath of heatwaves and sky-high temperatures. The conditions have reached such extremes that NASA has been forced to send out warnings for extreme weather conditions currently being observed in larger parts of Asia, Africa and Europe. NASA took to Twitter to post an Earth map of these three continents and highlighted the blistering ground temperatures in these regions. Shockingly, almost all the regions across Earth displayed high temperature conditions that humanity was suffering under. Frightfully, countries like England are seeing temperatures skyrocket to 40 degrees celsius, something that has never happened before. Heathrow in south-west London recorded 40.2 degrees Celsius. NASA has stated that one big factor behind these weather conditions are greenhouse gases which have been accumulating due to human activities. NASA also highlighted a need to take action in order to stop the extreme weather phenomena from worsening.

Yesterday, on July 19, NASA posted an image of the Earth map on Twitter. It said, “On July 13, 2022, Earth satellites captured temperatures rising above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) due to extreme, record-breaking heat waves across much of Europe, Africa, and Asia''. In the image, almost the entirety of the map could be seen engulfed in orange-red hues indicating the high temperature.

The map also showcased areas which had above 40 degrees Celsius temperatures, notably Ahvaz, Iran at 46.5 degrees Celsius, Seville, Spain at 42.2 degrees Celsius and Shanghai, China at 37.6 degrees Celsius. Many of these locations are experiencing record-breaking temperature highs.

NASA shares Earth map to showcase heatwave, says greenhouse gases responsible

Interestingly, the NASA post came at a time when the UK is undergoing one of the worst heatwaves in years. Speaking about these extreme weather conditions, Stephen Pawson, chief of the Global Modelling and Assimilation Office at NASA said, “While there is a clear pattern of an ‘atmospheric wave' with alternating warm (redder) and cool (bluer) values in different locations, this large area of extreme (and record breaking) heat is another clear indicator that emissions of greenhouse gases by human activity are causing weather extremes that impact our living conditions''.

And according to NASA, the heatwave is also causing financial and human losses. As Western Europe experiences a severe drought, the heatwaves have fueled fires that have burnt through Portugal, Spain, and parts of France. In Italy, the heat has resulted in destruction of a part of the Marmolada Glacier in the Dolomites. China has also experienced three heatwaves this summer which have resulted in buckled roads, popped off roof tiles and melted tar.

“Such extreme heat has direct impacts on human health, as well as having other consequences, including these fires that are occurring now in Europe and Africa, and which have been rampant over the past few years in North America,” Pawson added.

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First Published Date: 20 Jul, 10:32 IST