Vishakha Saxena

2014: The year online privacy became mainstream
The leaked images of celebrities in the US, and hacking of Sony's database, believed to be North Korea's retaliation to Hollywood's parody film, The Interview, are but a grim reminder of how ignoring privacy concerns for so long has made us so vulnerable to cyber terrorism.
Don't believe everything you see: 26 hoaxes we fell for this year
There is no escaping this trap. Like in the past, this year too saw the rise and fall of many hoaxes, and we fell for most of them. What is even scarier is that with the growing influence of social media in our life, fake information found easier avenues for virality this year.
Lessons from 2014: The flip side of social media and the need for self-censorship
The year 2014 came with an unprecedented subscription of social media. Millions of Facebook and Twitter posts were made as politicians, sportspersons and celebrities breathed more life into the platform. But with the boom came problems unforeseen.
15 reasons why Benedict Cumberbatch won the internet in 2014
He conquered. He conquered. And he conquered. From mesmerising performances to quirky moments the went incredibly viral... here's our list of reasons for believing that Benedict Cumberbatch was the true king of the internet this year.
2014: The year hashtag campaigns reached our living rooms
There was a time when 'hash', i.e. #, was simply known as the number sign. Today, the modest character often used in information technology has assumed a much more powerful role on social media platforms - representation of hashtags.
Nasa rocket explosion in 11 mind-blowing pictures
Nasa's 14-story unmanned Antares rocket headed for the International Space Station exploded on Tuesday, seconds after liftoff. We bring you 11 snapshots that capture the explosion. Nasa rocket explodes after liftoff | Nasa's catastrophic space flights
On a lighter note: Top 10 memes on Apple's iPhone 6 launch
As with any big event, social media was at its best when it came to giving a hilarious touch to the launch of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Watch on Tuesday night. Here is a selection of some of the best memes.
Don't mess with American Airlines: Dutch teen who posted terror joke tweet arrested
A Dutch teen involved in an airline terror hoax that earned her more than 20,000 followers within 12 hours was arrested on Monday, Rotterdam police confirmed. She decided to tweet a terror hoax as a joke to the airline earlier and what followed was trouble.
Google bathes doodle in colours to celebrate Holi
Internet giant Google on Monday celebrated the festival of colours Holi with a doodle bathed in yellow, blue, pink and green and sporting a 'pichkari' (spray gun). PIC INSIDE

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