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Snapchat video sunglasses, reportedly called as ‘spectacles’, will be available for purchase this fall, the company’s CEO Evan Spiegel had told the Wall Street Journal in an interview on Friday.
Watch: Video shows first glimpse of Snapchat’s new camera glasses
An official video on YouTube revealed for the first time messaging application Snapchat’s sunglasses which can record short videos, a product they were reportedly working on for sometime to give tough competition to Google in the ‘wearables’ market.
Combination photo of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, showing their support for the ‘Digital India’ campaign.
Did FB use Digital India campaign to promote
Discussions on social media revolved around one question - ‘Is Facebook using Digital India campaign as a mask for promoting’
Bengaluru programmer Thejesh, who exposed Airtel's 'spy code', seeks Israeli firm's apology
The Bengaluru-based programmer, who accused Bharti Airtel Ltd of spying on its 3G internet subscribers by using programming from Flash Networks, has expressed 'outrage and shock' over the Israel-based company's legal notice and has demanded an unconditional apology.
This button on Reddit is driving everyone nuts
To press it, or not to press it – this is the Shakespearean dilemma the internet is going through right now.
From Laika to geckos: A look at animals sent into space
On this day 57 years ago, a Russian street dog named Laika became one of the first animals to go into space and the first creature to orbit the earth on board Soviet spacecraft Sputnik II.
You are not alone, everyone is falling for UFOs and aliens
For UFO buffs, aliens are everywhere. Sometimes they are in Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings, sometimes in a circular disc floating around in the horizon and sometimes in a small dot in a picture taken near the International Space Station.
What’s with gravity and Apple? Early buyer drops iPhone 6 on camera
An Australian, who became the first man in the country to buy the new Apple iPhone 6, dropped his enviable purchase while taking it out of the box on live television.
Quirky apps loiter the mobile markets
Amid 1000 useful apps that roams the app world there are some exceptions. Sometimes exceptions are good, only sometimes. Vignesh Radhakrishnan brings a sample of such exceptions from the huge world of web apps for you.
Blackberry launches Q10 at Rs. 45,000
India is all set to make calls in the much awaited blackberry Q10 with the mobile hitting the Indian markets today at a steep price of 44, 990.

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