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Facebook is giving its privacy tools a makeover as it reels from criticisms over its data practices and faces tighter European regulations in the coming months.
Facebook revamps privacy settings amid massive data breach
Facebook said it was taking additional steps in the coming weeks to put people in more control over their privacy.
File photo of Apple CEO Tim Cook attributed the decline in profits mostly to the inability of new iPhones to stand up to the 2014 models
Apple reports first decline in profits in 13 years as iPhone sales fall
Apple, the world’s second most valued company, on Tuesday reported a decline in quarterly profits for the first time since 2003, pulled down by low sales of its flagship product -- iPhones.
The new debate that will continue for some time is, how secure exactly is the iPhone?
FBI’s success puts a big question mark on security of Apple iPhone
The FBI achieved success, without Apple’s help, to access the iPhone belonging to Syed Rizwan Farook, who along with his Pakistani wife, gunned down 14 people in San Bernardino last December.
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during an event at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. Cook had opposed helping the FBI break into Apple’s encryption software for fears that the government would use such knowledge to violate the data privacy of citizens.
FBI hacks iPhone without Apple’s help, withdraws legal action
The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced on Monday that it had successfully hacked into the iPhone used by a gunman in a mass shooting in California without Apple Inc’s help, effectively ending a pitched court battle between the Obama administration and one of the world’s leading technology companies.
The bank is not opposing Free Basics specifically, or its Indian rollout. It believes any attempt to throttle the net anywhere in the world, by any service, is a threat to fundamental human rights.
World Bank opposes Facebook’s Free Basics
Mark Zuckerberg’s Free Basics, the free but restrictive internet service that has run into trouble with Indian authorities, has picked up yet another opponent, the World Bank.
Indian demonstrators of Free Software Movement Karnataka hold placards during a protest against Facebook's Free Basics initiative, in Bangalore.
World Bank opposes Free Basics, says its a distortion of markets
Mark Zuckerberg’s Free Basics, the service that offers limited free access to certain sites and service on the web, that has run into trouble with Indian authorities, has picked up yet another opponent, the World Bank.
In this undated photo provided by Mark Zuckerberg, Max Chan Zuckerberg is held by her parents. The Facebook CEO and his wife announced the birth of their daughter, Max, as well as plans to donate most of their wealth to a new organization.
Baby girl born to Zuckerberg, couple to give 99% FB shares to charity
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan on Tuesday announced the birth of their first child, a girl, with a pledge committing 99% of their shares in Facebook to charity.
India-born Sundar Pichai appointed the new CEO of Google
India-born Sundar Pichai was named CEO of Google, which will be the new entity’s largest fully owned subsidiary, a thinly trimmed version of what it is now.
Twitter to remove 140-character limit in direct messages
Twitter will lift the classic 140-character limit for direct messages. Starting in July, users will be able to send longer DMs, turning the feature into more of a typical instant messaging and group chat service, a la Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.
Apple in talks to launch online TV service: Report
Apple is reportedly in talks with broadcasters and programmers to launch an online television service later this year. It will start with a slim bouquet of about 25 channels — the major ones — priced competitively around $30 and $40 a month, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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