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Share files securely
IM software applications such as Skype and Google Talk also allow you to transfer files from one computer to another without imposing any restrictions on file size or the file type.
Cell network decoded
There is an easy ‘cheat code’ with the help of which you can determine the actual network signal strength on your BlackBerry.
Laptop touchpad, no thanks
All you gadget geeks, here's something for you. The Touchpad provides full mouse functionality to your laptop. But there are instances when the laptop may be more productive without the touchpad.
Find your friends in a new city
Now, you can find your friends in a different city by sending a Facebook message (or an email) to all your friends. Or you could try a simpler option.
Connect your home and office PCs
Considering a lot of people bring their office work to home, a lot of online backup services have been developed. They allow convenient access of files from anywhere so long as you have an Internet connection.
Haloed shortcuts for your Apple
Your iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad share a similar virtual keyboard and therefore, you just have to master a common set of keyboard shortcuts to type a little faster on any these devices.
Fix an annoying problem
If you open a secure webpage (https) inside Internet Explorer 8 (like the Gmail web site or even, you may sometimes see a security warning dialogue that says...
Here's how to recover lost files
Have you ever deleted a file or folder from the desktop and emptied the recycle bin only to realise, seconds later, that you deleted the wrong one? Here are some tips to help you.
Backup your files using Skype
Backup programs have been in existence for years — some allow you to backup your computer files locally to an external hard disk or a portable drive, while others like Mozy and Carbonite are designed to help you save a backup of your important files and folders to an online Web server.
An awesome way to browse easy
Firefox 3.5 includes a useful feature called the Awesome Bar that helps you quickly navigate to previously visited websites without having to type the full address of that site in the address bar of the browser.

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Apple iPhone 15
(6 GB RAM,128 GB Storage) - pink, yellow, green, blue, and black₹ 79,900
Apple iPhone 14
(6 GB RAM,128 GB Storage) - Blue, Purple, Midnight, Starlight, Product Red ₹ 79,900
iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14Icon
Apple iPhone 13
(4 GB RAM,128 GB Storage) - Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Starlight, Midnight₹ 79,900
Apple iPhone 14
(6 GB RAM,128 GB Storage) - Blue, Purple, Midnight, Starlight, Product Red ₹ 79,900
iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14Icon
Apple iPhone 14
(6 GB RAM,128 GB Storage) - Blue, Purple, Midnight, Starlight, Product Red ₹ 79,000
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
(6 GB RAM,128 GB Storage) - Gold, Silver, Space Black, Deep Purple ₹ 1,39,900
iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro Max Icon
Google Pixel 6A
(6 GB RAM,128 GB Storage) - Charcoal, Chalk ₹ 43,999
Nothing Phone 1
(8 GB RAM,128 GB Storage) - Black, White ₹ 31,999
Pixel 6A vs Phone 1 Icon
OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G
(6 GB RAM,128 GB Storage) - Gray Mirror, Bahama Blue ₹ 23,999
OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G
(6 GB RAM,128 GB Storage) - Black Dusk, Blue Tide ₹ 21,990
Nord CE 2 vs Nord CE 2 Lite Icon
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