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Apple iPhone 14 vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
Apple iPhone 14 vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Is it time to flip?
For approximately Rs. 90,000, you can either settle for a safe and sound Apple iPhone 14, or you can go for a more adventurous Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4? We find out in this video.
Apple iPad 10th Gen
Apple iPad 10th Gen Review: The best new iPad for everyone?
We have a brand new Apple iPad and we take a quick look at it. The 10th Gen iPad brings in a new design with uniform slim bezels, a newer A14 Bionic chip, a new keyboard folio accessory, and better battery life.
iPhone 14 Pro Max
iPhone 14 Pro Max after 2 months of use: It is all good now; really good
From a buggy mess to great! We have been using the iPhone 14 Pro Max for over two months now and this is how it fares.
Apple iPad 10th Generation
Apple iPad 10th Gen Review: Too pricey for whatever it wants to be
The iPad 10th Gen goes for modernisation without leaving its roots of being an affordable basic iPad. Worth buying?
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Quick Review
The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best iPhone Apple makes at the moment. Should you buy it?
Apple iPhone 14 Plus Quick Review
The iPhone 14 Plus is the bigger vanilla iPhone 14 this year, with a larger display and battery. With the same basic specs as the iPhone 14, is it a good buy at Rs. 9000?
Apple iPad 10th Gen Quick Look: Should you buy this?
The Apple iPad 10th Gen comes in with a new A14 Bionic chip, a new 10.9-inch display, a support for Apple Pencil 1st Gen, a USB-C port, and a new Magic Keyboard Folio case.
Apple iPad 10th Generation
Apple iPad 10th Gen in for Review: Step towards a modern era
The Apple iPad 10th Generation gets all the new-age iPad goodies and some new accessories. Is it worth its higher asking price?
Android, iPhone
Android user tries iPhone for first time; know what happens
Are you an Android user and want to switch to an iPhone? Want to know what changes will you get? Here is what an Android user has to say after using an iPhone (iPhone 13 mini) for the first time.
Nothing Ear (Stick)
Nothing Ear (Stick) Unboxing and Quick Review: The AirPods killer?
The Nothing Ear (Stick) comes as a premium pair of TWS earbuds that focuses on all-day comfort and good sound. It also has a fancy new case design that resembles a a lipstick case, and a new transparent design. At Rs. 8499, is it worth buying, considering it lacks ANC?

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