The company’s flagship store in Sydney remains closed due to renovation.
Apple to reopen stores in Australia, Austria this week
The location in Austria will open on May 5, while the Australia stores will open on May 7.
The system, unveiled in April, adds technology to the iOS and Android smartphone operating systems that alerts users anonymously if they have come into contact with a person with Covid-19.
Apple, Google Covid-19 tool will be limited to one app per country
One one public health app can use the tool to get as many people to use the software as possible
Zoom’s shares have more than doubled this year alongside its meteoric rise in popularity, but privacy and cybersecurity experts have expressed skepticism.
Zoom app logins put on dark web for sale
The logins were put up for sale at 1 pence (1.25 cents) each and were discovered and bought by cybersecurity intelligence company Cyble.
The requirement will be rolled out in the coming weeks in some of its markets, including the US.
Uber to design tech to check if drivers are wearing masks
Uber will require both drivers and passengers to wear masks or face coverings while in vehicles.
Key smartphone supplier forecasts 10% drop in demand
Murata Manufacturing, key smartphone supplier, predicts 10% decline in demand
The company is a top supplier for chip capacitors, batteries and circuit boards to the likes of including Apple Inc. and Huawei Technologies Co.
The tool set is a combination of software updates for iOS and Android, and software development kits to help developers build and test their apps
Apple, Google release Covid-19 contact tracing tools to app developers
Developers can now start building apps ahead of the system’s launch in mid-May
Spotify’s plans to launch in Russia and South Korea came through the company’s recent secured deal with Warner Music Group.
Spotify’s push into key markets of Russia and South Korea delayed by pandemic
Spotify is still looking to expand into the markets this year, though the rollout won’t be as soon as originally planned
Some of EA’s biggest titles will arrive on Google’s cloud gaming service, Stadia.
Google Stadia gets Electronic Arts support for Star Wars: Fallen Order, Madden NFL
These games on Google Stadia will begin to roll out by this winter, with more coming in 2021.
The Apple Inc. logo is seen hanging at the entrance to the Apple store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York, US. Apple stores in the US closed till May due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Apple retail chief sees ‘many more’ store reopenings in May
It’s unclear which regions Apple would reopen in first, but at least some locations in the US are expected to resume operations in early May.
Alphabet Inc’s Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet Sundar Pichai.
Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai one of world’s highest-paid execs, 2019 compensation worth $281 million
The vast majority of Sundar Pichai’s package is stock awards, some of which will be paid out depending on Alphabet’s stock return relative to other companies in the S&P 100 index. That means that the CEO’s haul can become significantly smaller, or much bigger

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