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    In addition to the robotic arm, Facebook has experimented with finding ways for a six-legged robot to teach itself how to walk
    Facebook’s robotic arms and legs are learning faster than ever
    Facebook has been under ever increasing pressure to use AI to police extremist violence, hate speech and misinformation on its platform. It says it is making progress, but that systems that can reliably block such content without human intervention are still years away.
    FILE PHOTO: Stickers bearing the Facebook logo are pictured at Facebook Inc's F8 developers conference in San Jose, California, U.S., April 30, 2019. REUTERS/Stephen Lam/File Photo
    AI video screening still a long way off, says Facebook executive
    Facebook was criticised for allowing the Christchurch attacker to broadcast the shootings live without adequate oversight that could have resulted in quicker take-downs of the video.
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks during the F8 Facebook Developers conference on April 30, 2019 in San Jose, California.
    Facebook wants to use AI to screen content, but fairness issues remain
    Alongside developing its AI, Facebook has sought to address the issue by hiring thousands of human reviewers, often through contractors.
    Several startups have tried to create chips to more efficiently handle sparse information
    Facebook’s AI chief working on a new semiconductor that works differently other designs
    Facebook is part of an increasingly heated race to create semiconductors better suited to the most promising forms of machine learning
    OpenAI is aware of the concerns around fake news, said Jack Clark, the organisation’s policy director.
    Elon Musk-backed OpenAI develops tool that can write fake news articles from a handful of words
    As a precaution, OpenAI decided not to publish or release the most sophisticated versions of its software. It has, however, created a tool that lets policymakers, journalists, writers and artists experiment with the algorithm to see what kind of text it can generate and what other sorts of tasks it can perform.
    Millie is a life-size digital avatar created by a startup called Twenty Billion Neurons
    Meet Millie, the ‘world’s first context-aware AI’ who also helps you pick sunglasses
    Speech recognition and natural language processing software allow Millie to understand and answer simple questions or have a rudimentary back-and-forth exchange with a shopper.
    Employees who were working on more fundamental and scientific research -- as opposed to building products from that research -- will remain at DeepMind
    Google merges DeepMind health app with other AI efforts
    DeepMind said the team that created a mobile app to alert health-care providers to hospital patients at risk of deteriorating will join a newly formed Google division, called Google Health
    The Horizon software is focused on reinforcement learning, in which software improves itself by trial-and-error from experience to maximise some reward or minimize some loss, rather than from labelled data sets.
    Horizon: Facebook’s AI tool used to improve video, Messenger is now free to download
    Facebook used this set of tools internally to optimise how 360-degree videos are displayed on the social network, taking into account such factors as the available bandwidth and how much of the video has already been buffered.
    Oxbotica intends to deploy autonomous vehicles in conjunction with Addison Lee in 2021
    London taxi firm Addison Lee promises to launch self-driving cars by 2021
    The effort is one of several self-driving initiatives in the UK Earlier this year, Nissan began testing autonomous vehicles on British roads, and Ford has begun testing similar technology with Jaguar Land Rover in Coventry.
    LinkedIn says that the data will be restricted to only those whose academic proposals have been approved.
    LinkedIn will allow researchers access to user data
    LinkedIn says that the researchers will only have access to aggregate, anonymised data and will only be able to use it within a secure “sandbox”.

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