Satyen Mohapatra

Telescope - the ultimate discovery
Four hundred years ago today (January 7, 1610) Galileo Galilie made a profound discovery which changed Man's view of the universe for all times to come.
Scientists discover rare insect, name it after chief
Scientists at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) have named a new insect they discovered after their current director general, Mangla Rai. Satyen Mohapatra reports.
Special ship acquired for underwater exploration
The 230-cr Sagar Nidhi, nicknamed the 'Pearl of the Ocean', will enable NIOT scientists obtain oceanographic and hydrographic information, reports Satyen Mohapatra.
Ambitious plan for biotech industry unveiled
An ambitious and innovative National Biotechnology Strategy for the next five years is unveiled New Delhi, reports Satyen Mohapatra.
Varsity’s eye in the sky for leak-free exams
ANUSAT is going to help Anna University conduct leak-free examinations in all its 225 affiliated colleges from next year, reports Satyen Mohapatra.
Toxic paint harms marine life
The toxic effect of paints containing biocide like Tributyltin (TBT) has been well established, reports Satyen Mohapatra.
'Reduce net carbon dioxide emissions'
The main problem is that as a global society, Shukla says, India is not prepared to solve global warming, reports Satyen Mohapatra.
World's smallest steam engine wieghs less than 2 gms
Sixty one year old Iqbal Ahmed is the Guinness World Record for constructing the smallest working stationary steam engine, reports Satyen Mohapatra.
India can set its third station in Antartica
The proposal has been cleared at the Thirtieth Antarctic Treaty Consultative meeting, reports SatyenMohapatra.
Curb human reach in Antarctica, says Sibal
Earth Sciences Minister Kapil Sibal underlines the need for curbing tourism and other human activity in Antarctica, reports Satyen Mohapatra.

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