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Save data with these easy tips
Right click:Effective tips on saving data
Here are some easy tips to save your data.
Makers of Call of Duty: Black Ops III announced in May that players could support military veterans by purchasing animated calling cards.
Donating money to creating awareness: Game developers giving back to society
From generating funds for charities to creating awareness about issues, game developers are going all out to give back to society.
Sound Blaster Roar 2
Gadget review: The Sound Blaster Roar 2 is a winner
The quality of the Sound Blaster Roar 2 impresses, but the cost can be a deterrent
To allay privacy concerns, companies are going all out to protect data — from introducing iris scanners in phones and designing fully-secure devices to launching anonymous networks.
On the safe side: Technology that allays privacy concerns
As more people live their lives online, technology developers are employing newer methods to allay privacy concerns.
Action games such as XCOM: Enemy Within and Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies have been already been released on app stores, while Dynasty Warriors and Titanfall are being adapted for mobile.
Now, you can play console games on your smartphone
Console games such as Minecraft and Need For Speed are being adapted for smartphones, and core titles such as Clash Of Clans are gaining popularity.
The 2016 Doom reboot dons the name of its original 1993 franchise ancestor.
The half of it: Hits and misses in the world of tech in 2016
From the Doom reboot impressing fans and critics alike to the failure of the Freedom Phone, a look at the hits and misses from the world of technology in 2016, so far.
The Moto G is a worthy upgrade to Moto’s previous offering, but it may face tough competition in the budget-phone segment.
Gadget review: Moto G4 Plus
The Moto G is a worthy upgrade to Moto’s previous offering, but it may face tough competition in the budget-phone segment
The models, which are slated to release in the coming year, are able to add one extra module to the existing features of the phone. But, in the future, these phones will look better than the current generation of smartphones, and will become completely customisable.
New phone on the block: Rise of the modular smartphone
The modular smartphone has been the talk of the tech world in recent times. We find out why.
Hailed as the ‘next-big-thing’ in the world of technology, buzz around the chatbot has just been growing with each passing day.
Chatbot: Everything you need to know about the ‘next-big-thing’ in tech
With the buzz around chatbots only growing, here’s a guide to everything you need to know about the ‘next-big-thing’ in technology.
The speaker’s sleek, all-metal body and funky colours make it look stunning
Gadget review: The Xiaomi bluetooth speaker is a real steal
The Mi Bluetooth Speaker brings an attractive design and power-packed performance to a budget-friendly, compact device

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