Debjeet Kundu

You’re being watched
Spy gadgets are increasingly being put to use by employers and spouses in order to keep watch.
Life in a cellphone
How your handset has shrunk your world to fit into your palm.
Opinions online
Facebook and Twitter have changed the way youngsters look at world affairs — even politics.
Back to basic
Now this is a tricky one — the Lava B5 Alpha can be the simplest of phones, while actually it is not. We tell you why.
Go flexible
How much is enough? Well, nothing is actually. At a time when not only having a good storage device is a concern, but what more can be derived from it also, the Seagate GoFlex external hard disk is something that looks like fulfilling that desire for ‘more’. Add to that the GoFlex TV HD media player, and it’s a super combo.
Go check out
Hindustan Times brings for the camera lovers, information about a new digital camera in the market. Read on..
Hot tips for buying a music system
Always check the system by manipulating the bass and treble. Not all system amplify the sound similarly. Your choice will depend upon the kind of music you prefer. Read on for more tips.
Go check out
The ever growing world of mobile phones in the country had another debutant as MVL came up with its range of pocket-friendly yet functions-loaded cellphones.
Total recall
World Cup videos are as popular as the live matches. And you can watch more than what meets the eye.
Hot tips to use your mobile right
Here are some tips on how to use your mobile right...

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