Rajiv Makhni

    Smartphone Market: Split Wide Open
    The iPhone 4S was a disappointment. It’s not a bad phone, it’ll still sell well, but it hasn’t set the world on fire with excitement, in fact it’s blown open the doors for the competition to come barging in. So who’s there?
    The TV vs Projector battle
    If you want the ultimate home theatre experience, there’s really only one way to go, says Rajiv Makhni.
    The deadly urge to keep upgrading
    A four-month-old mobile phone and you are already itching and reading up on new ones. You’ve just installed a nice 42-inch flat screen TV and yet the 55-inch LED TV is making you swoon. Your laptop isn’t even a year old but the new ultra sleek and thin one is what you’re already eyeing...
    Gadgets to keep you fit: Part 2
    It seems people here use a lot of technology and gadgets to keep them on the personal fitness track. Today’s column incorporates a lot from that feedback. Here're more new age technology and gadgets to keep you on top of your form.
    Stay fit thanks to your gadgets
    Who said all geeks have to be scrawny and bespectacled? These fitness gadgets will make YOU the next fit thing! Technology that makes you fitter, leaner, helps in losing weight, builds an amazing body and controls your diet is an exciting new world. Rajiv Makhni has it all sorted for you!
    The best deals in gadgets
    Once in a while, the world of technology throws up some pretty amazing bargains. Keep your eyes peeled – or simply read on! Rajiv Makhni has the best tech advice for you...
    UltraBooks take on Tablets and Netbooks
    The UltraBook is the creation of a new breed, a completely new category of computing. And it’s taking on formidable opponents. It’s trying to take down the Tablet market, the large-screen smartphone, the Netbook and also the ultra-thin Notebook. Rajiv Makhni writes...
    Why the Operating System is all-powerful
    Take heed: the operating system your phone runs is going to dictate sales, fan following, market share – even survival.
    Mobile Phones: Myths, Legends and Truth
    Cooking eggs, bringing down aeroplanes, opening car doors and yes – unlocking that secret battery buried deep within your phone (finally!). Yes, the mobile phone is the most significant and most groundbreaking technology in the history of the world.
    Tech’s Tallest Tales; And The Truth
    The world of technology has some of the greatest myths, urban legends and tales banded around it. The funny part is that the more outlandish ones are actually true and the simpler ones are the usually tall tales. Here’s a two-part look at some of the biggest tech tales and the real truth behind them.

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