Rajiv Makhni

In a sea of incredible devices launched on our shores, here’s a guide to what may well be your next super phone
Techilicious with Rajiv Makhni: 3 phones that spread awesomeness
When the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was cancelled, brands shifted their big bang releases to India
iPhone6 twins look and feel different, but lack 'Applesque features'
The launch of two new iPhones and a brand new category for Apple - a Smart Watch marks several very important milestones for the company. It's the first time that Apple breaks from its own set of rules and follows market demands for larger screen phones, writes Rajiv Makhni.
Smartphone shopping guide for Diwali
It's pouring new flagship smartphones and if you wish to buy one, you're spoilt for choice. Thus the Festive Shopping Guide - to help you decide the best you can buy - continues its perilous journey and hurtles towards a conclusion. Rajiv Makhni writes.
Technology that is becoming dead
LP vinyl records lasted about 80 years, CDs are dying in less than 15. Is the dizzying pace of technology making great devices obsolete too fast? Are these giddy new cycles of products, devices, versions and gadgets leaving most of us breathless with excitement and confusion?
Time to say goodbye to these gadgets
From fax machines to dial-up modems – here’s a look at some truly obsolete technology
Dead: CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays
When was the last time you used your DVD-drive? Wait, your device doesn’t even have one? There you go. There are a lot of statistics thrown around (CD sales are falling every year, DVDs aren’t selling at the same pace, Blu-Ray never really took off).
The other five life changing upgrades
Phones with ginormous screens, wireless printing and more – Get. These. Now. Time for Rajiv Makhni to tell you about the other five tech upgrades that can change your life. Read on.
Ten life-changing tech upgrades
This is a dream list, a list to aspire to, a checklist to save up for – a list that will literally change your life. If you’re on the fence about any of these, well, you’re just missing out on the future.
Setting up multi-room audio? Come, join me in my quest!
I’m back with my quest for home entertainment nirvana and this time I’m frustrated and flummoxed. My home theatre is coming along nicely (only on paper till now) and I will post my progress here. Rajiv Makhni writes...
A conversation with the iPhone Siri
The new voice-controlled assistant on the iPhone 4S has minimal ambitions right now. But in the long run, its potential is mind-boggling. Rajiv Makhni writes..

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