Shayne Rana

Nokia Lumia 800: Seriously speedy
In terms of durability and funky design, Nokia’s Lumia 800 definitely ranks high, but its true potential is curtailed by the OS.
Review: Reliance’s Android tablet
The tablet wars are taking place at a frenzied pace and Reliance’s 3G Tab, priced at 12,990 seems sure to make a killing. Although it’s not unlike any old tablet including the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the simplistic and no frills look of the 3G Tab made us feel quite comfortable.
Nokia X7 can’t compete with the Androids
The X7 by Finnish manufacturer Nokia is a rather odd looking device that tapers towards the ends on both sides. While whipping it out of your pocket, you’re likely to get confused as to which side is up.
Samsung Wave II: Media savvy handset
Samsung launches new phone Wave II which is heavier (135g) than its predecessor and about one millimetre thicker. Spotting the difference between the Wave and the Wave II is not an easy task. The Wave II is heavier (135g) than its predecessor and about one millimetre thicker.
Not the best Android
The Samsung I9000 aka Galaxy S is making waves in the Android sector. It is considered one of the most powerful devices in this segment. Take a closer look.
Have a fresh cookie
LG’s new sleek and funky touchscreen phone is not only great to use but also really affordable.
Here’s making waves
Samsung’s newest smart phone is not perfect, but it comes very close. Read on.
Good music on a budget of 12,000
If you’re looking for a standalone MP3 player for music and videos, here are a few options in the 12,000 bracket.
Work on a budget
For those looking to stay connected to work on the go, here are a few business handsets that are reasonably priced.
Why size doesn’t matter
Sony Ericcson introduced a new Xperia X10 Mini which packs in a major punch with its compact design, capable camera and good battery life. Read on and know if its worth a buy!

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