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    HT Tech chats with head of Audio Marketing at Sony India, Gyanendra Singh.
    Brands like us have to continuously surpass consumer expectations: Sony’s Gyanendra Singh
    HT Tech chats with head of Audio Marketing at Sony India, Gyanendra Singh about how things have been in the audio space in India and what’s coming next.
    We tested the 55-inch Samsung QN90A Neo QLED and this 4K smart TV comes with very thin bezels and a chunky stand.
    Samsung QN90A Neo QLED 4K TV review: Colour us impressed
    If you are looking for a good investment to make for your home entertainment system, the Samsung Neo QLED 4K TVs are definitely worth considering.
    The evolved smarts on the Sony Bravia 55X90J comes from the XR Cognitive Processor that powers it.
    Sony Bravia 55X90J Review: We like what we see
    The Sony Bravia 55X90J with the XR Cognitive Processor is a formidable offering in this ever-evolving smart TV space.
    Apple iPhone 13 Pro Review and Ratings
    iPhone 13 Pro review: Good just got better
    The iPhone 13 Pro has a better battery, a better camera, and a better display. If you are all about the details, this gets very good.
    The Realme Book Slim ships with Windows 10 and no bloatware. And it is also Windows 11 ready.
    Realme Book Slim review: Off to a good start
    The Realme Book Slim is not perfect, yet. But it has a whole lot of good things going for it.
    Samsung has made some significant changes to its smartwatches this year the first being the exit of Tizen and the entry of Wear OS.
    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review: Our new favourite smartwatch for Android
    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a great option for Android users and we found almost nothing we disliked on this. 
    Samsung’s foldables this year, both the Flip and the Fold, are actually perfectly good devices that you can recommend to people who are looking for something unique.
    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review: The age of big phones is here
    With the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the company has made a case for phones that can be unfolded into small tablets.
    From the Galaxy Z Flip to the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the design upgrade is more radical as compared to the first Galaxy Z Fold and the third one.
    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 review: Why flip when you can fold?
    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a very sleek, cool phone, and it delivers. But it feels a little incomplete.
    Apple has started using recycled materials for some of its products already, like the iPhone 13 series and in the product packaging as well.
    Apple just took one more step towards sustainability and removed 600 metric tons of plastic
    Apple plans to eliminate mining entirely and is working on building products using only recycled and renewable materials.
    You can use the ROG Flow X13 as a normal laptop through the day and then turn it into a tablet for gaming and entertainment. 
    Asus ROG Flow X13 review: Portability, performance, and some gaming
    The Asus ROG Flow X13 is a laptop that toes two categories and performs quite well while at it.

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